Impreza - Retina Multipurpose WordPress Theme Review

Impreza Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

Every blessed day, thousands of new WordPress websites are created and launched. Apparently, it is getting quite harder to be unique, stand out from the growing crowd and show both quality and excellence when developing your site. However, Impreza WordPress theme is arguably one of the smoothest, slickest, cleanest and extremely flexible themes currently available on Themeforest.

The amazing theme offers a lot of customization options and equally allows its users to create a unique and user-friendly website without having to be worried with the issues of complex coding. Nonetheless, Impreza is quite outstanding! It's a blessing to users as the theme can be used to empower any type of website.

The theme also comes with massive features that will make users and freelancers' life easier and comfortable without compromising the quality of their sites. The retina-ready responsive WordPress Theme has the abilities to help you transform your online project to a reality. I'm writing this extensive review not because of its popularity in the marketplace, but to showcase its unique functions, give its full description and help users make a good choice.

Let's see what the great theme has to offer users, read on!

Impreza WordPress Theme

Features of The Impreza WordPress Theme Review

For the records, the theme was created on 20th of December, 2013 and was equally launched on ThemeForest. Similarly, in less two years, it made more than 4,700 massive sales. This feat makes it ranked more than its counterparts such as XTHEME in the Themeforest marketplace. Checkout its features below!

1. Customizable Design

You can decide to choose the best layouts, styling and colors. Albeit, users with little or no experience at all can also kick-start with one of the ten (10) available color styles. By enabling Visual Composer; you will add another dimension to your website's customization, enjoy building custom content layouts with an easy to use drag & drop interface.

2. Theme Nice Structure and Layout

Impreza nice structure and beautiful layout cannot be overemphasized. In other words, if you patiently go through the theme's demo or live preview, you will observe that the theme is extremely attractive. High-resolution graphics is one the features it renders without being crowded unlike several other WordPress themes. However, you can creatively customize and also optimize any website into your own imagination. In fact, the Impreza theme is designed in such a way that users don't have to be a super programmer before you can design a world class site to your clients.

3. Built in Advanced Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin

The built in drag-drop editor in the Impreza theme comes equipped with the popular Visual Composer plugin which makes it to be functional and easily customized. With this in place, it's now very easy for you to create multitude layouts, and you can also view what you will eventually get on a certain page in real time, while designing your site.

Nevertheless, Visual Composers may be too powerful for designing small blogs. In cases like this, you can make use of the Impreza theme's shortcode generator that makes it possible to select the important blocks and enter your desired options.

With this page builder, you are basically provided with unlimited creative opportunities in creating different custom layouts with awesome, rich and great features.

Impreza WordPress Theme

4. Header Builder

The header portion of any website is the most important area of that website. Seriously, what would your reaction be if you visit a site and everything on it is in disarray and disorganized? I'm sure you won't want to even take a look at what content they've got inside of that site.

In this regard, Impreza theme has provided you with all the options you need to spice up your header and also organize it. At the same time, the header builder allows you to create a quite unique custom header using a drag and drop editor. Interestingly, you can also choose and adjust the inbuilt header layouts, add texts, images, links, menus, icons, etc.

5. Exceptional Customer Support

Impreza customer support is nothing but the best! With a vast knowledge based and a customer support forum, the main developers of the popular theme offer good and extensive support for any possible issues. They are both set up on Impreza homepage and can be easily accessed anytime of the day. It is worthy of note that six (6) months of free developer support are included in the purchase.

6. Unlimited Sidebars

This particular Option enables Impreza Theme users to creates multiple sidebars while they work. This feature is new and only found on the Impreza theme, most themes on the market does not have this particular features, making the impreza theme outsmart other themes. To enable this option, all you need do is to click on the Appearances option and the special section next.

Impreza WordPress Theme


  • Impreza WordPress theme is flexible and highly customizable
  • The top-selling theme features fast and very friendly support
  • It has unlimited design choices
  • Impreza theme is very responsive and has a sharp display
  • It's very easy to configure
  • Impreza also features impressive color combinations
  • Impreza WordPress theme has several advanced and sophisticated options
  • Importantly, the theme is cost-friendly when properly compared to other WordPress themes


  • The theme checkout procedures are quite confusing

Final Thought

This extensive Impreza WordPress theme review is absolutely written to help readers see good reasons why this beautiful template will be a great choice for your business website project. Ostensibly, this leading Impreza WordPress theme presently holds the highest customers rating of the top 15 Wordpress themes on Themeforest site. Significantly, with more than 31,000 purchases, the super slick theme is among the best-selling themes on the platform.

This spectacular theme completely provides everything you need to create and customize on your own personalized website or blog, be it a personal or corporate site. Lastly, as a professional, coupled with my wide SEO experience and looking at the positive feedbacks this theme has obtained overtime, I thereby recommend this theme to intending website owners.

Are you strongly impressed from this slick, clean and responsive WordPress theme? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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