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Bridge Theme

Last week, we wrote a detailed review on Impreza Wordpress Premium Theme. This week, we've decided to write extensively on Bridge Wordpress Theme. The Bridge WordPress theme was one of the most used and best selling themes of 2014. Three years later, the theme is still racking up enough sales with a wide array of design offerings and applications that ensures you end up with a visually appealing design with elegant aesthetics no matter the purpose of your site.

Design apart, the bridge WordPress theme is quite easy to customize, leaving users with the ability to personalize effortlessly. This flexibility is demonstrated by the fact that the theme can be set up without having to write a single code, this makes is very useful to even the least tech-savvy users. Now, let's checkout the impressive features of this popular theme.


One of the best offerings that the Bridge WordPress theme indulges its users in is the myriad of choices to pick from with respect to design. The versatility of the theme means that it fits perfectly for every occasion. Be it for photo-based sites, blogs, personal or company portfolio, the bride theme has you covered, featuring over 100 demos that offer different designs for use.

One lovable feature about the Bridge WordPress theme is the way and manner the look and feel can be customized. Without writing a code, the content blocks can be moved around to create a lovable appearance, all with the use of the Visual composer plug-in. The design also allows numerous customizations on many fronts such as font type, icons, animated transitions, bar charts, pie charts and many more intractable additions.

The Bridge WordPress theme allows other features as well, for instance, one can select a unique header for different pages, one could also customize any of the site sections and menu styles, which makes it easier to create micropages, landing pages and fancier site navigation bars. The menu allows for adding several widgets and use of mega menus for use in more complex sites.

A more professional experience can be acquired with minimal efforts on your part when use available yourself of the Bridge Parallax feature. This will adorn your page in an elegant appearance that will keep your visitors thrilled with some of the site effects. Tap into the Ajax animation feature and experience the gloriously appealing transition of your content.

Bridge WordPress Theme

This feature may make your website slightly slower but the effects are a refreshed look of your site every now and then without visitors having to reload the page. Bridge also offers a layer slider plug-in that lavishly opens you to some 200 plus 3D transitioning views and animations that can be easily varied or mixed with your design.


Bridge has a reputation as one of the most innovative themes for WordPress and as such, it is equipped with only the latest and nothing less than the HTML 5, CSS3 and jQuerry solutions. This makes the theme such a perfect fit for e-commerce related content and services. The theme is by default associated with the Woocommerce integration. This is the most widely-used e-commerce apparatus on wordpress, giving users the liberty and capabilities to make an electronic retailer use of the WordPress site.

Translations between language are also made possible with the use of the wordpress Multilingual plug-in on the wordpress theme bridge. With all these offerings, it is easy to see why the bridge ranks as one of the most excellent themes for WordPress, the bridge has the perfect balance between wordpress page design and host of functionalities. The theme uses the latest contact the form which allows you create contact forms and / or pages.

And The Options Go On

The Bridge WordPress theme is arguably one that serves all trades and almost does master them all. The large amount of options and versatility that is available from the use of the Bridge Wordpress Theme is amazing. From administrative tabs to customizable menus and some sizeable amount of choices, the theme way even be slightly intimidating for a novice.

Although the feature does not apply to all options or most of it, it is still noteworthy that the Bridge Wordpress theme allows you to pick a number of options that can be immediately applied and previewed to get a look of what the changes will mean. A would-be negative on the side of the theme would be it's inability or lack of the import and export functions that allows to move the template over to another site.

What this means is that if you plan on using your bridge theme on another site or wordpress, you will have to start from scratch. The presence of several plug-ins for this type of import / export function however downplay the exclusion of this feature from the WordPress Theme Bridge.

Bridge WordPress Theme

Pros And Cons Of WordPress Theme Bridge

WordPress theme bridge has a wide array of features and importance. Find the major highlights underlisted:


  • 100+ exclusive demos
  • 24 layout options included
  • Cheap and affordable price
  • Availability of Virtual composer
  • Layerslider plugin added
  • Easy and stress-free installation
  • Flexibility; come with a multitude of options
  • Built in SEO optimization


  • Availability of too many options. Also, the basic settings are still missing.

Bottom Line

The Bridge WordPress theme is an excellent choice for use. The design is of best use to people who want to focus on having a visually appealing website with a degree of freedom and plan on making changes from time to time. Although the Bridge theme is really easy to work around, if you are a newbie, it could get tricky.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any question? Is this theme really for you? Kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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