5 Top Tips and Themes to Boost Your Sales On eBay

5 top tips and themes to boost your sales on ebay

Successful companies put considerable effort into creating their 'brand'. This is the distinctive image that comes to a buyer's mind when they think of the company. A good brand creates an advantage for the seller over their competition beyond the products or services they sell. As a result, they enjoy greater numbers of customers and profits. Today we want to share with you top 5 tips and templates to boost your sales on eBay.

How Do I Power a Distinctive eBay Presence?

It's no secret that eBay lets sellers personalize their stores. For example, you can choose between the abridged and standard eBay header versions and upload your logo. However, more importantly, you can fully customize the appearance of your store using a well-thought e-bay template. Taking the steps listed below empowers you to wade through the competition and outperform the eBay stores that sell similar products.

Follow these steps to power a distinctive eBay presence:

  • 1. Use a custom theme An eBay theme defines the color palette, set of fonts and graphic uniqueness of all your store pages. No doubt, you can go for a DIY theme and hand-pick the colors and fonts. However, if you want to take it up a notch, you can use a pre-designed template that brings you a more prolific set of design options and makes your store truly unique.

    Finding a ready-made eBay template doesn't take a rocket scientist. You can dive headfirst into the collections of eBay templates in leading online template markets. For example, TemplateMonster digital marketplace brings you an ample collection of thought-through eBay designs. Choosing one of them, you'll be able to turn a generic dull store into a professional web presence that won't go unnoticed.

  • 2. Go for a custom store logo. On eBay, you can simply go for one of the pre-created logos. However, it's better if you take your time and come up with a custom store logo that includes your store name and imagery representative of your company or of what you sell.
  • 3. Choose your eBay header style. If you run an anchor or premium store, you've got a chance to opt for your eBay header style. The standard version of the header makes your affinity with eBay prominent. Make it a staple if you want to add credibility to your burgeoning store. On the other hand, if you run a well-established eBay store, consider the minimized header style, which pushes your brand identity to the foreground and steps up your marketing game.
  • 4. Add a custom section to your store header. eBay lets you add a custom section to your store header that appears on every store page. Use it to inform buyers about promotions, hot deals and sales that you currently offer.

Now you know what to do to establish a strong and distinctive eBay presence. However, there's more to discover in this regard. Read on and you'll get to know the most crucial sales-boosting tips and templates for eBay store owners. Let's get started!

Top 5 Store Design Tips to Boost Your Sales On eBay (With Examples)

Tip #1: Beautify Your Storefront with a Dazzling Slider

Supplying your store homepage with an immersive image slider is one of the best ways to boost user engagement and decrease the bounce rate. You have only 5 seconds to make a first impression. So, by adding a stunning image slider to the top part of your store homepage, you foster a lasting impression in a snap and lure users to keep browsing. What's more, the top image slider is a juggernaut when it comes to promoting best-sellers, limited offers and discounted items.

For an example of winning slider implementation, check out the Live Demo of the following eBay theme:

BeautyZone EBay Template

BeautyZone EBay Template

BeautyZone eBay template is ideal for the stores selling cosmetics, as well as skin- and haircare products. The theme has a classic pink-and-white design that will produce an impact on female audience. Editing and installing the BeatyZone theme won't take much time as the template is accompanied by a comprehensive step-by-step user manual. What's more, the template's HTML and CSS code is well-commented so that you can update and modify it with ease.

Tip #2: Combine Modern Fonts For Visual Perfection

Using a standard set of fonts that eBay offers is an outdated practice. Instead of this, you can incorporate a rich collection of fonts to your store, providing for improved readability and increased visual appeal. The simplest way to achieve this is by opting for a font-rich eBay theme. See the one below to experience to full sway of typography greatness:

Home Furnishing eBay Theme

Home Furnishing eBay Theme

The Home furnishing eBay theme lets you build a store for selling furniture, furnishing and household goods. The template features a vibrant, feel-good color palette that lets you rock this spring and on. Parallax effect comes along, increasing the visual impact of your store and rooting for an immersive shopping experience. What's more, this template incorporates the 600+ Google Web Fonts to ensure that your store is crisp and attention-catching. Feel free to use the fonts that match your brand identity to get traction and nudge your competitions aside.

Tip #3: Use Icons to Drive Attention to Store Categories

If your store offers different kinds of products, you've got to attract attention to your store categories. This is achieved thanks to the incorporation of custom icons to categories panel (if present) and left-hand store navigation. If you're after a hassle-free icon adding experience, you can simply choose the theme that features FontAwesome integration. This iconic font has all the icons you need and a lot on top of this. What's more, recoloring icons takes changing a HEX value in the corresponding CSS rule. Simple as that!

Precious Jewels EBay Template

Precious Jewels EBay Template

Precious Jewels is a fashion-oriented eBay theme that you can use to sell jewelry and trendsetting closing. The template features ample FontAwesome integration on the storefront, as well as in the left-hand store navigation. The icons boost the store's UI and do a stellar job driving attention to your store categories and CTAs. What's more, this template comes in three different versions. It provides you with 2 landing page designs and a feature-rich eBay design. It also automatically updates the New Arrivals section in your eBay store once you add new products to your store's landing page.

Tip #4: Use Catchy Category Banners to Boost UI and Conversions

Creating a catchy mosaic of category banners is a fool-proof way to amplify your store's UI and boost conversion. Underpin your banners by finest hi-res imagery, and they won't go unnoticed by the shoppers. It would be great if you supply the banners with microinteractions on hover to make them even more engaging. If you're not after coding all this beauty yourself, just opt for a professional template that incorporates an impressive banner section. The one below serves as a great sample:

Kitchen Bargains EBay Template

Precious Jewels EBay Template

Kitchen Bargains there is a professional eBay template for kitchen supplies stores. Its cheerful design provides for rich, pixel-perfect UI and hassle-free shopping experience. Below the top slider, you'll find a borderless mosaic grid of category banners. The grid items let you showcase promotions as well as most popular categories of your store. Thanks to hover animation, the category names and 'Learn More' shortcuts slide in once users hover the banners.

Tip #5: Don't Miss On Social Integration

Every modern store owner should take advantage of social media marketing. If you're after driving site guests to your accounts on social networks and turning them into loyal customers, you can't miss on adding social buttons to your store's header. At present, the majority of modern eBay themes offer you social integration options out of the box. Getting one of such themes is the simplest way to get your social integration done with flying colors.

Gadgets World EBay Template

Gadgets World EBay Template

Gadget World is a crisp and clean eBay template for electronics and gadget e-stores. This theme brings you a number of ways to showcase your products in the best light and encourage sales. If you pay attention to the theme's header, you'll momentarily see the social buttons on the right. The standard set of networks featured includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Customizing the theme, you can modify the set of displayed social buttons following the simple guidance that you'll find in the pre-packed user manual.

Wrapping Up

Congrats! Now you know what it takes to establish a front-running eBay store and become one of the best in the game at eBay. Follow the provided tips and you'll see your store's conversion rate going up this spring. Most importantly, make a well-thought eBay template choice if you're just starting out.

We wish you good luck in making it to the top with your eBay store! Questions and comments are warmly welcomed.

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